What I Ate Wednesday – Love Your Veggies #2

Hello readers!

Although I only did one other WIAW post this month, I wanted to get in some more veggie time in my daily eating pics so here goes:

I started my day off with my favorite breakfast: oatmeal with cacao, maca, ginger, cinnamon, vanilla and coconut butter! I even added some carrot to up my veggie intake.

For lunch I had some good ol’ curried miso soup, made with chickpeas, carrots, broccoli and spices. Yum!

For a snack, I had some apple with a homemade chocolate-cinnamon almond butter creation that was AMAZING. Recipe coming soon 🙂

Ok, uhh yeah. This was supposed to be a picture of some incredible vegan mole tofu tacos with greens and radishes from Papalote but you know what? I was so hungry and they were so tasty so this is all that was left.

And what date night would be complete without some sweets? After dinner, we walked off gorging ourselves took a lovely walk around the Mission and got cozy at a cafe with some almond milk chai and a chocolate chip peanut butter cookie 🙂

And that’s all folks! I gotta run and finish making some sugar-free cupcakes before my husband gets home. Take care!


What I Ate Wednesday!

Hi there friends,

Things are finally getting back to normal. I haven’t quite figured out the lighting in my house so please bear with the photo quality until I can move things around this weekend. I haven’t done a WIAW post in a while so here goes…

I started the morning off right with some pumpkin chia pudding from Choosing Raw. This is one of my breakfast regulars, since I can mix it up and by the time I am out of the shower, yummy breakfast awaits! I add walnuts, raw cacao powder (always fair-trade, people!) and some maca powder.

I almost always have beans n’ greens for lunch but to switch it up I made a sandwich. The lovely Raechel from the rebel grrl kitchen came up with a great chickpea and avocado recipe to which I added some garam masala (since I put it on everything) and ate it on homemade naan (recipe to follow!) DELICIOUS.

My partner and I celebrated our new home by going out to dinner. It just so happens that we are now walking distance from one of my favorite restaurants in San Francisco – Ananda Fuara! I had their incredible, homemade veggie burger with sesame herb AND lemon tahini dressing all over everything.

And a celebration wouldn’t be complete without dessert, am I right? We shared a piece of coconut cream almond cake and it was one of the most moist, amazing cakes I have ever had! I can’t handle much sugar these days so I only had a few bites but oh man, those bites were heaven.

And that’s all folks! What delicious recipes or foods have you been loving lately? I would love to know 🙂

What I Ate Wednesday: Chicago Edition!

Hey there,

So here we are, finally back in California. Totally exhausted and we came home to…guess what? MORE FLEA PROBLEMS. Yeah. We are on the verge of a meltdown.

So to lighten the mood of sad craziness around here, I thought I would post some of the delicious (+vegan) meals I had in Chicago…


I stopped by one of my old hangouts Pick Me Up Cafe and had a tofu scramble with salsa + a cinnamon bagel with vegan butter. I used to ride my bike to this place in the wee hours of the morning (open 24 hours on the weekends!) and so it was nice to go again.


I went downtown to Water Tower Place to go shopping with family and they wanted to eat at Foodlife, an upscale food court that has tons of food. Although there weren’t many vegan options, I found a vegetable and tofu stir fry and added as many veggies as I could! Not pictured: an amazing carrot, ginger, kale + apple juice. Yum.


One of my favorite vegetarian restaurants in Chicago is Victory’s Banner, a spot run by devotees of Sri Chimnoy. I had been waiting for a bowl of their uppama, a South Indian breakfast special. Add some coconut chutney + coconut yogurt and deliciousness is served!


And a trip to Chicago wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the vegan spot of all vegan spots, Chicago Diner! Although I am not the biggest fan of diner food (and of the meat substitutes that come along with it), there are some dishes I love at this place and the soul bowl is one of them. Black beans, sweet potato puree, avocado, quinoa, tofu scramble, flashed greens + an incredible chimichurri sauce.


I was so happy to have eaten so well on our trip. Some culinary delights not pictured: a raw pomegranate + cacao truffle, an oat, hemp, maca, banana + almond milk smoothie, some great homebrewed raspberry kombucha + last but not least, the yummy vegan pizza that my sister-in-law so considerately provided for me to snack on at the wedding 🙂


What I Ate Wednesday #3

Hey there,

Here is another WIAW post!

This morning was a breakfast mess, so please excuse. I had some toasted Food for Life pecan raisin bread with almond butter, sliced strawberries + a little bit of maple syrup. I then rubbed the leftover strawberries on my face because a) they are great for clearing up your skin and b) I am just crunchy like that.


For lunch I had some leftover sprouted mung beans + brown rice with curried spinach. It was SUPER yummy and I had a ton to eat, as you can see 🙂


I had a lovely study break at my favorite little coffee spot. It is a bit of a walk (which is a great way to sneak in some more exercise into my day!) and they have a soy spiced iced coffee that is to die for – especially in 80 degree weather like today.


I forgot to take a picture of my dinner because I was at at Turkish restaurant for my book club meeting (we are reading Middlesex, by the way) and all I got was a small plate of hummus. I am extremely picky with my hummus (since I have been making it since I could walk!) and today it just wasn’t good. Oh well.

And since I didn’t have a dinner picture, I will leave you with my view on the walk home…


What I Ate Wednesday #2!

Hey there friends!

It is time for another…


For breakfast I had a delicious jar of Vegan Chai Overnight Steel-Cuts Oats! This newest creation of mine will be posted tomorrow!


For lunch I had a quick version of a “patty” made with kidney beans, oats, olive oil + spices with a side of padron peppers. Honestly, the patties weren’t that great and the peppers were too spicy (and not as tasty as the other peppers I have been getting from the market) so I am going pass on sharing this recipe…


My afternoon treat (after a long day of studying) was a white tea latte. The tea latte at our neighborhood coffee shop have become my favorite drink: no sweetener added, no caffeine and so many yummy flavors of herbal, white + red tea to use! Now if they weren’t so expensive…


When I came home, I wanted something quick + easy for dinner and also needed to get rid of some extra zucchini. I made a curried lentil + zucchini dish with some lentils to spare for tomorrow’s lunch!


What did you eat today?

What I Ate Wednesday!

I know that I have done this in the past, but it has been a while and I thought I would do it again! It also is a great exercise in mindful eating so if you are wondering what your nutritional patterns are, I would highly recommend this practice.

For breakfast, I had some Food For Life brown rice bread (which, in my humble opinion, is one of the best gluten-free breads out there) with some crunchy almond butter and sliced strawberries. I usually have a green smoothie to start my day instead, but my body was craving warm + comforting foods today. Also, I had some coconut water because sometimes you just get tired of drinking plain water all day, you know?


For lunch, I made a tomato + black bean stew with mache greens thrown in. I have been trying to switch up the greens I bring home…hopefully soon I will post about all the different kinds I have been trying!


For a late afternoon snack, I had one of these awesome crushers from Trader Joe’s. Yeah, they are for little kids but who cares? They are all-natural fruit combinations that are more portable and more fun than applesauce. I only wish they weren’t so pricey…


For dinner, I made a Palestinian lentil + rice dish with roasted eggplant (forgive the steamy photo). Stay tuned for an upcoming recipe!

My husband was extra tired after work today so I decided to make my favorite quick + healthy raw dessert: truffles! This is another recipe that I am planning on posting soon. These were coconut + cacao and were AMAZING.

Well that’s it for Wednesday! What have you eaten today?