radiant recipes: rosemary summer squash bean bowl

hello there friends!

today’s recipe was an improvisation that came from the moment we all (or at least us broke folks) dread: the moment you realize that a bunch of things in the fridge are about to go bad. we have a very limited farmer’s market budget so if one thing gets funky before we can eat it, my husband and i both get really sad and feel guilty about wasting a piece of the very precious produce we allow ourselves to buy.

we came home after a beautiful afternoon in the park (we are loving the bay area’s not too hot+not too cold, perfect park weather) and opened the fridge to see what would be for dinner. lo and behold, there were THREE things that were on the brink of rotting and so i had to think fast. how could i use summer squash, rosemary and spinach together to make a yummy dinner? i just started cooking and boy, am i glad i did. with the addition of some black beans (gotta get that protein!) we had a delicious+healthy meal.






  • 1 can black beans, drained and rinsed thoroughly
  • 1 clove garlic (or more if you prefer), sliced
  • 2 large sprigs of rosemary (see note)
  • a few summer squash (any kind is fine, although i enjoy yellow scallops the most), sliced
  • a few tablespoons of oil (i used olive)
  • a few cups of spinach
  • salt+pepper to taste
  1. heat a few tablespoons of oil in a large pan on medium heat and add both the rosemary sprigs+garlic
  2. after a minute or so, add the squash and stir to coat with the oil
  3. saute until tender and lightly browned, stirring often (about 5-8 minutes)
  4. add the spinach to the squash and cover, allowing the spinach to steam for a few minutes
  5. meanwhile, heat about a tablespoon of oil in a small pan and add the beans, stirring occasionally
  6. remove the rosemary sprigs from the squash and add salt+pepper to taste to both dishes
  7. serve a bowl of the black beans with the squash+spinach on top




note: in ayurveda, the year is divided into the seasons of the three doshas, or constitution types. summer is the time of pitta which is fiery and can fill us with impatience, irritability and anger. summer squash is a great pitta-reducing vegetable, cooling down our bodies and keeping us relaxed. rosemary aggravates pitta however, so a cooling herb such as mint, dill, tarragon or cilantro would be better to use (in that case, you would just finely chop the herbs and not remove them from the dish). adding some pepitas (pumpkin seeds) would also be a great addition!


motivational mondays!

hey friends!

hope your week has started off on the right foot. my monday was spent doing some serious housecleaning, studying and cooking (using produce right before it turns bad feels like such a success!)

so right to it…my weekly internet finds:


this band is so sweet and romantic and makes me happy that summer is here.


for all y’all who like to imbibe (alcohol, that is), no more dirty looks has some healthy ways to help a hangover.


this mocha tart from sketch-free vegan eating is gluten-free and looks AWESOME. also, it just might push me to finally use the dandelion coffee that has been sitting in my pantry.


the amazing kris carr (cancer survivor and all-around bad ass) wrote a helpful article on how to eat healthy on a budget. she has some great tips, including a breakdown of the dirty dozen and the clean fifteen.


i bought some fresh peas this week and i am super excited to make this green pea soup from the delicious 101 cookbooks blog. yum!


that’s it…have a great week!


[1915 les vampires poster from inobscuro]

motivational mondays!

happy monday friends!

i am here alone with the kitty while my husband is at a meeting so do you know what that means? first season of the office on netflix!

here is some awesomeness for your week:

the strange and interesting people at high existence posted a great article on 50 life secrets and tips including: memorize something everyday, develop the ability to forgive and do what you love…this list is great!

this young mandolin player from india creates such beautiful melodies.

this rice pudding recipe comes from the highly-anticipated website (well, at least for us vegan nerds) xgfx! xgfx is an awesome site of vegan AND gluten free community and has not only a great collection of recipes but forums and other ways of connecting. yes!

and i will leave you with this cruel summer mixtape that got me through cleaning the house today. enjoy!

*magical image by ryan mcginley.