aisha barrios

“laugh as much as you breathe and love as long as you live.”

islam, veganism, travel, socialism, ayurveda, revolution, sufi life, chakra vibrations, track bikes, meditation, samba, crystals, surfing, slumber parties, yoga, dancing, vinyl, kitties, rocking chairs, indigenous wisdom, herbology, antiquities, protests, quilts, orchids, first editions, walking in my truth, wild women, nonprofits, best friends, soulmates and changing the world.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. With deep appreciation for your recent article and your visit to Curry Without Worry on Tuesday, thanking you in supporting in our mission of feeding the hungry souls in the Bay Area and beyond. Thank you in helping us share the good news with your article on “absolutely ayuerveda”! Good news to share with you, we have added a global chapter of Curry Without Worry in Kathmandu, Nepal as of November 16, 2010 serving 300 healthy meals every Tuesday, thus, merging the East and the West foodwise and musicwise with global family and in a global village. Thanks so much in being part of Curry Without Worry family!

    Sincerely yous,
    shrawan nepali
    Founder, Currry Without Worry

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