The (Late) Weekend Revue!

Hi and happy Monday!

Ok, so Mondays aren’t usually the best of times so I thought I might do a little weekend revue and see how your week was…

finding little flowers that look like artichokes

celebrating our kitty’s 4th birthday (!) with taking many glamour shots of her

enjoying the lights in japantown

reading “women who run with the wolves” by the ocean in sausalito

seeing jai uttal at the fillmore jazz festival with my lovely friends


babysitting our little niece and playing ukelele with her ★ enjoying cold chamomile infusions before bed ★ spending time walking around little mountain towns ★ dancing outdoors with strangers to kirtan and smiling BIG ★ watching our kitty get so excited about her new scratching pad ★ spending time observing a master practitioner and being in awe ★ coconut almond cake and yogi tea ★ starting to read “mockingjay” to my partner ★

How was your week?


The Weekend Revue!

Hello there dear friends!

I apologize for being M.I.A. for the last few weeks. After returning from my road trip, some big things began to unfurl and a HUGE transformation has shook me to my core. It is all very scary and exciting and I am still in that place of uncertainty but I will say that my life will be changing for the better quite soon!

I will definitely keep you posted but until then, onto the highlights of the week:

beautiful art that made me smile.

rediscovering the parts of my heart i left here many years ago…

a beautiful celebration of the Black community in Fillmore.

because our communities are still enslaved.

wefinally drove over to Ocean Beach and spent the day soaking in the sun and the sounds of the sea. also, this little pup wouldn’t leave us alone!

ALSO! sipping lattes out of giant soup bowls ✶ going on toe-shoe walking dates with my partner ✶ laughing so hard while watching Community ✶ remembering how comfy wearing a fleece can be ✶ spending time in sacred ceremony ✶ experiencing a Reiki Tummo healing ✶ dancing cumbia in the late night hours in a garage in the Mission, feeling alive ❤

How was your week? What were some of your highlights?

The Weekend Revue!

Greetings readers! How was your weekend? Mine was nice, too short (as always, am I right?) but filled with sunshine and good times.

Some of the weekend highlights:

an urban koi pond

a great reminder

deliciousness with never-ending condiments

music in my treats

cherry blossom parade fun with some spring chickens (at heart)

this city and its palmas never gets old

Also! new mixes from faraway friends ★ finally reading this speech from the femmes of color conference ★ cleansing my crystals in the sun ★ being attacked by my kitty hiding in a paper bag ★ getting a nice, long hair brushing by my husband ★ keeping my inbox clean and clear ★ future road trip planning ★ my partner reading Catching Fire out loud to us ★ awaiting an exciting package ★ finding an awesome all-natural lip tint ★ and remembering that sometimes, you just need to sleep it all off ★

How was your weekend friends?

The Weekend Revue!

Well, the weekend is over and it went by fast! Friday was the culmination of our plumbing fiasco, which created a major stress situation (and a health hazard. ugh) but we were determined to not let it ruin our weekend…

Here were some highlights:

vegan, gluten-free chocolate cake with a chocolate covered strawberry!

made friends with a sweet feathered friend

soaking up the sun in one of our favorite parks

showing “noor” (my beloved bicycle) all around the city

feeling such gratitude for living by the ocean and in such a beautiful place in this world


grabbing free goodies at the earth day fair ❤ remembering how music really does make everything better ❤ watching “Once Upon a Time” after a two week hiatus ❤ enjoying the intense heat of a hot day ❤ watching teens dressed up as anime characters in Japantown ❤ reading health magazines with my husband in the yard ❤

Have a great week!

[incredible illustration found here]

The Weekend Revue!

Hello there friends! So this weekend was a whirlwind, packed with lots of things to do and people to see! I wasn’t able to post a weekend revue so I wanted to do it today, especially since there was much fun to be had. Don’t fret, Motivational Mondays will happen tomorrow…

magic-making, community-sharing and dancing, eyes closed in a sea of happy people ❤

little bits of fun found around and about

strange trees amidst a beautiful city hall

gluten-free vegan gingerbread pancakes with lemon curd and poached pears!

speeding through the city, with the wind in our hair and the smell of the ocean around us.

Also: getting a care package from my mama! ❤ gifting old things out to the world ❤ taking a long-awaited nap with my partner ❤ brainstorming ideas for our garden ❤ laughing at Up All Night (who would’ve thought it was actually funny?) ❤ feeling great from the cleanse ❤ finding a new herbal tea to fall in love with ❤ finalizing plans for a trip to New Mexico! ❤

The Weekend Revue!

Hello lovlies! Hope you have had a wonderful weekend. I have had quite a horrendous headache since Friday (which I am assuming is from the cleanse. woof) so I am definitely in need of highlighting the positive:

dreaming of an ivy-covered house someday…

finding inspiration at my feet

watching the springtime blooms

beautiful details in a seaside bathroom

mossy triceratops in the Mission

Also: hummingbirds in our back yard ☆ tamari almonds from the farmer’s market ☆ the power of intention ☆ Ayurveda dates with invitations to India (!) ☆ feeling lighter + brighter from the cleanse ☆ chipotle harissa hummus ☆ taking walks in my Vibram’s ☆ finally starting A Course in Miracles ☆ carrot, kale and young ginger juice ☆ watching Kiki’s Delivery Service with my husband on a rainy day ☆ brainstorming about the future

How was your week?

The Weekend Revue!

Hi there folks!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend. Mine was quite awesome, filled with house cleaning (am I the only one feeling some spring cleaning madness?), old episodes of The Simpsons (my partner insists that I fully understand the “American experience” by watching the early years of that show), looong bike rides through Berkeley and Oakland and even a jewelry class!

Some highlights:

nacho fries with pico de gallo, black beans, cashew cheese + avocado

melodious sounds on a sunny day

a pup with a monocle!

the most amazing vegan raw chocolate coconut cream pie, served with the question “what dazzles you?”

oh so happy hands

How was your weekend?

The Weekend Revue!

Hello there friends! Well, Ijust made this post before the weekend is finished and boy, am I exhausted. Extra work, our friend’s birthday party and a 5-mile walk in boots means that I am wishing this weekend had an extra day…or three 🙂

Here were some highlights:

the perfect (spicy + earthy) hot chocolate!

pretending to be bourgie in a fancy hotel lobby

finding humor even at the bus stop

inspiration on my daily walk

spending sacred time in nature

Hope your weekend was fabulous…see you tomorrow!

The Weekend Revue!

Hi there folks,

Oh man, it is FINALLY the weekend and I really need this time to get started on tons of stuff. Packing up our house, cleaning for the new folks coming to see the place and preparing for my detox with the doctor. We have class tomorrow to review the eating/drinking plan as well as all the other stuff and it officially starts on Sunday – I am so excited!

Here are some highlights from the week:

local mushroom hunting

spending time with all kinds of feathered friends

delicious turkish tea on a rainy day

enjoying the sights while hiking tilden national park

Also: Etta James on Spotify, getting a free box of CSA produce!, listening to the rain while sipping some ginger tea, 30 Rock marathons, getting my teeth cleaned (and with no cavities to report!), naps with my husband, cutting my own bangs (and not doing such a bad job), getting to talk about revolution + colonialism at my book club and beginning the Feast for the Winter soul project.

How was your week?

The Weekend Revue!

Happy weekend friends!

Another week of WOOF. I have been fighting a cold since last weekend and running around to shows, museums + dates (although fun) definitely didn’t help. So I cancelled all of my plans this weekend (except for going to the East Bay Alternative Press Festival this afternoon with my partner because, well duh), and I am planning on just taking it easy.

Just to show you, even health practitioners get sick sometimes!

Here were some highlights from the week:

[snowflakes on the dome at the downtown mall]

[beautiful script found on a shutdown mosque]

[two muslims getting super excited about a giant christmas tree]

[sanjay patel’s exhibit at the asian art museum was awesome and i can’t wait to get his beautiful rendition of the ramayana]

[because here in california, christmas looks a little different]

Well that’s all folks! Hope you have a wonderful weekend. I’ll be switching off tomorrow so see ya next week 🙂