mindful media: all in this tea


i hope you all had a wonderful weekend. i enjoyed the weather before it started raining by celebrating a dear friend’s birthday, finding the softest dates i have ever seen at the farmer’s market and dancing to cumbia with my girls. we ended the weekend on a nice note by watching a movie tonight.

“mindful media” is a new series where i will be sharing movies, books, videos, etc. that can help us all learn more about health, natural wellness, d.i.y., v*gansim and all around world awesomeness!

tonight we watched the documentary “all in this tea”. it is the story of tea expert and exporter david lee hoffman. he traveled to china to more fully understand the cultivation, production and selling process of some of the world’s best teas. he was one of the first exporters of chinese tea to deal directly with the farmers, cutting out the corporate factories completely and he was the pioneer in the tea world to introduce worm composting as a healthy alternative to chemical fertilizers.

here is the trailer:

we found the movie interesting (i am a super tea nerd) but we were hoping there would be more emphasis on the actual process of growing, picking and processing tea. the documentary is more about hoffman’s career as a tea exporter and how he does business to obtain high-quality teas from all over the world. nevertheless, it definitely made my husband stop and think about tea in a different way and reminded me why tea is such a blessing and why creating the perfect cup of tea is an art.

i will be writing more about the medicinal and spiritual purposes of tea later on but watching this movie is a great starting point in understanding where your tea comes from. cheers!


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