motivational mondays!

a beginning of the week welcome to you!

hope your week is starting off in a wonderful way. we were able to have today off and just enjoy relaxing + celebrating our (islamic) wedding anniversary with a fancy tea service! it was amazing and as we sat in the sun, i was overcome with joy ❤

so, here are some little virtual gems for you:

natural child posted a fascinating story about breastfeeding in mongolia.

this gluten-free (and almost sugar-free!) strawberry crumble sounds like a great way to use my cart of berries from the farmer’s market this week.

the gals over at your tango talked about ways to love your body in bed this week. yes to body-positive lovin!

jennifer aniston’s yogi shares a great yoga leg routine that will sculpt you silly.

and i will leave you with another strawberry recipe…a crisp lentil summer salad!

enjoy your week!

[invisible man photograph by liu bolin…can you spot him?]


motivational mondays!

hey friends!

hope your week has started off on the right foot. my monday was spent doing some serious housecleaning, studying and cooking (using produce right before it turns bad feels like such a success!)

so right to it…my weekly internet finds:


this band is so sweet and romantic and makes me happy that summer is here.


for all y’all who like to imbibe (alcohol, that is), no more dirty looks has some healthy ways to help a hangover.


this mocha tart from sketch-free vegan eating is gluten-free and looks AWESOME. also, it just might push me to finally use the dandelion coffee that has been sitting in my pantry.


the amazing kris carr (cancer survivor and all-around bad ass) wrote a helpful article on how to eat healthy on a budget. she has some great tips, including a breakdown of the dirty dozen and the clean fifteen.


i bought some fresh peas this week and i am super excited to make this green pea soup from the delicious 101 cookbooks blog. yum!


that’s it…have a great week!


[1915 les vampires poster from inobscuro]

a late revue and review!

hello friends!

since this past weekend was a three-day holiday for us here in the states, i am writing a bit late. i thought i would do a combo of the weekend revue and of the things around the internet that have been getting my attention…


the weekend revue!


because a fresh-pressed juice (beet+spinach+carrot+lemon) tastes better when enjoyed in the sun and with a beautiful book


because fantastical sea worlds make driving more fun


because vintage rides make me swoon


because i scored big at the farmer’s market and that rocks (clockwise from bottom left: granola grain bread, sprouted mung beans, shitake mushrooms, cauliflower, little buttery potatoes, sage, lima beans, garlic and a giant bunch of kale in the center for kale chip making!)


because pizza and root beer on tap is a wonderful way to end the weekend


motivational mondays! (or tuesdays!)


i am not really into gluten-free baking but this recipe for mocha ice cream sandwiches makes me want to try!


kylie from the baking bird posted a lovely mixtape about songs related to teeth (she is becoming a dental hygienist so it makes sense!) she is a babe and her blog is a wonderful mix of things like this recipe for a peanut butter green smoothie and her AMAZING ginger pumpkin baked oatmeal which is totally easy to veganize. check her stuff out!


this daily motivation from wood & wool stool made me happy.


jen from my smiling heart (which is an awesome blog of daily joy and inspiration) posted a little reminder on the importance of recognizing our happiness. i always try to take a weekly (if not daily) stock of what is making me happy and what is making me feel otherwise. super important!


and i will leave you with a recipe for this beautiful beet tartare. because sometimes us vegans have to fancify our veggies, you know?


have a wonderful week!