motivational mondays!

Hello friends!

Well, today has been quite a time. I had a day to stay in and take care of the house and then work on a post-operative plan for my friend who is going in for brain surgery this week. Phew!

Here are some goodies from the virtual world:

Zen to Fitness wrote about how to eat like a minimalist.

Check out this healthy + delicious ginger almond nori roll recipe from Ani Pho:

(Never Home) Maker posted these yummy vegan peanut butter-chocolate chip cookie dough balls!

Sayward from Bonzai Aphrodite wrote on One Green Planet about how to get your kiddos excited about produce.

This red pepper + mango salsa from Fit Sugar looks like the perfect summer snack.

Have a great week!

[Amazing moving photo by Cinemagraphs]


late revue+motivation!

hello friends!

i am back! last week was real super, with my parents visiting for my birthday. we were able to show them around berkeley and spend lots of time telling stories+laughing. i miss them already and can’t wait to see them again (which will be in october when we travel back to chicago for my brother in law’s wedding!)

so here was my week in a nutshell:

[because nothing is better after sushi than fresh summer watermelon]

[because sacred places can have such magical energy]

[because these illustrations of the brothers grim fairy tales were even more special in person]

[because the last harry potter was awesome…and even more so with potter-inspired 3-D glasses]

[because the witching hour is sometimes so beautiful, it breaks my heart]

and here are some great gems from the virtual world!

zen habits posted some healthy (and mostly vegan) snacks courtesy of stonesoup guest blogger jules clancy…roasted chickpeas recipe included!

these raw carob halvah bites from stephanie tourles’s book raw energy may not look beautiful, but trust me, they taste AMAZING. they can be easily veganized by subbing maple syrup or brown rice syrup for the honey and they have no processed sugar. huzzah!

new america media wrote about the exploitation involved with the shea butter explosion. i read a (politically) better article last week, but i can’t find it 😦

these pancakes are from (never home)maker, one of my new favorite blogs. they are yummy and taste like an oatmeal cookie.

and i will leave you with a lovely four tet remix of caribou.

hope your week is going along wondrously! i plan on making a video tomorrow about my favorite things as of late, so keep your eye out!