Motivational Monday! (on a Tuesday)

Hello there friends!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend. Things have been quite busy around here with work, school and…another cleanse! Yes, I am doing another detox right now and finally convinced my husband to do it with me! Since he is a meat-loving kind of guy, I am really happy and excited for him and his detoxing journey. We are doing a combination of the Clean program from Dr. Junger, Cris Karr’s Crazy Sexy Diet cleanse and the Detox with the Doctor program I did in January. In Ayurveda, spring is the best time to do a cleanse, since Kapha is growing and we are accumulating so much mucus, ama and all around yuckiness in our bodies so what better time to start?  We are on the 7th day today which means only two more weeks…huzzah!

Onto what has caught my attention lately:

This asparagus with maple tahini sauce recipe is an oldie but oh boy, is it tasty! As always, the Gluten-Free Goddess delivers deliciousness.

This type of mix isn’t usually my thing, but for all my dance-y readers out there, this mixtape from Peaking Lights just might do the trick.

These almond brown rice balls from 101 Cookbooks not only look super cute, but are perfect for a take-along snack during your next road trip.

This video interviews the main woman artist behind Kabul’s first graffiti wall.

And I will leave you with something truly beautiful: a raw cherry and cacao mousse cake! The First Mess is one of my new favorite blogs (found via The Rebel Grrl Kitchen) and I am so excited to make almost everything on it! Since this recipe is time (and money) intensive, I am thinking of trying this as a mousse-only dessert for the weekend. YUM.

Have a great one 🙂

[beautiful Irish countryside photo from Edward Dullard]


Motivational Monday!

Happy Monday readers!

Hope you had a great weekend. While everyone was watching the super bowl, we were installing window drapes, walking around our new neighborhood and getting a visit from the fire department! It seems someone had left a manual under the sheet for the broiler and when we started the oven, the whole place was smokey. Luckily, they got here within five minutes and discovered what was making our place a smoke-filled mess (and our eyes so teary!) Phew.

Onto the goodies!

Erin from Babycakes fame shared this fun take on Thin Mints.

Veg News posted 25 ways to relax vegan-style!

Jennifer Cornbleet came to the East Bay Raw Meetup a few weeks ago and made a flourless chocolate cake. Yummy!

This oldie but goodie is from the genius gals over at pure 2 raw and is an easy, delicious way to start your morning.

And I will leave you with a beautiful poem from Bent Lily:


The present
paper thin
be careful
it is dissolving
as you read this
new moments
erupt under your feet
fill each one
with awareness
your heart beats
can you believe it
your body coaxes
you onward
utter faith
that you will
spend the offering
of life

Have a wonderful week!

[beautiful seaside photo from Lovelorn Unicorn. Is it summer yet?]