motivational mondays!

a beginning of the week welcome to you!

hope your week is starting off in a wonderful way. we were able to have today off and just enjoy relaxing + celebrating our (islamic) wedding anniversary with a fancy tea service! it was amazing and as we sat in the sun, i was overcome with joy ❤

so, here are some little virtual gems for you:

natural child posted a fascinating story about breastfeeding in mongolia.

this gluten-free (and almost sugar-free!) strawberry crumble sounds like a great way to use my cart of berries from the farmer’s market this week.

the gals over at your tango talked about ways to love your body in bed this week. yes to body-positive lovin!

jennifer aniston’s yogi shares a great yoga leg routine that will sculpt you silly.

and i will leave you with another strawberry recipe…a crisp lentil summer salad!

enjoy your week!

[invisible man photograph by liu bolin…can you spot him?]


a late revue and review!

hello friends!

since this past weekend was a three-day holiday for us here in the states, i am writing a bit late. i thought i would do a combo of the weekend revue and of the things around the internet that have been getting my attention…


the weekend revue!


because a fresh-pressed juice (beet+spinach+carrot+lemon) tastes better when enjoyed in the sun and with a beautiful book


because fantastical sea worlds make driving more fun


because vintage rides make me swoon


because i scored big at the farmer’s market and that rocks (clockwise from bottom left: granola grain bread, sprouted mung beans, shitake mushrooms, cauliflower, little buttery potatoes, sage, lima beans, garlic and a giant bunch of kale in the center for kale chip making!)


because pizza and root beer on tap is a wonderful way to end the weekend


motivational mondays! (or tuesdays!)


i am not really into gluten-free baking but this recipe for mocha ice cream sandwiches makes me want to try!


kylie from the baking bird posted a lovely mixtape about songs related to teeth (she is becoming a dental hygienist so it makes sense!) she is a babe and her blog is a wonderful mix of things like this recipe for a peanut butter green smoothie and her AMAZING ginger pumpkin baked oatmeal which is totally easy to veganize. check her stuff out!


this daily motivation from wood & wool stool made me happy.


jen from my smiling heart (which is an awesome blog of daily joy and inspiration) posted a little reminder on the importance of recognizing our happiness. i always try to take a weekly (if not daily) stock of what is making me happy and what is making me feel otherwise. super important!


and i will leave you with a recipe for this beautiful beet tartare. because sometimes us vegans have to fancify our veggies, you know?


have a wonderful week!

motivational mondays! and a quick revue!

hello friends,

this past weekend was quite stressful so i wasn’t able to post my revue. i thought today i might share a few pictures from the weekend and also my weekly inspirational internet finds…

i have finally gotten back into making salads! i am quite reluctant to eat raw greens (especially for a health nut such as myself) so i am excited to get back into making interesting combinations and delicious dressings. i plan on writing a post about salads sometime soon…

i saw this posted on a mural wall in san francisco’s mission neighborhood (an area which has endured heartbreaking gentrification) and it reminded me of the importance of art in radical politics.

i was feeling frazzled so my husband and i met a friend at a show. we saw cover bands for the cure and the smiths and we had a blast. my arms were seriously sore from dancing all night!

now on to what has caught my attention recently:

the wellness warrior (can she do no wrong?) posted two great articles: one on the dangers of agave syrup (which i honestly didn’t want to read since i love putting agave in things but boy, am i glad i did) and the case against white bread (which is already not allowed in my house but a good read nonetheless.)

lately, i have been snatching up asparagus at the farmer’s market every chance i get so this recipe from urban vegan is definitely on my list this week.

the deer-vehicle collision survivors support group , a short story by porochista khakpour is beautiful. and heartbreaking.

a friend of a friend made this video about the place for blogging and web-based community-building in the world of expressive art therapy.

and last but not least, how could i NOT post vegan+gluten free+raw mallomars? seriously! the girls over at pure2raw did it again in the most delicious way.

hope you have a wonderful week!

radiant recipes: raw vegan mixie

hello there!

i wanted to start my new series called “radiant recipes” where we will talk about meals, snacks and drinks that taste good and make you feel great!

yesterday was our 8 month wedding anniversary (we are dorks so we celebrate our anniversary every month because…why not?) so we celebrated with some amazing pizza. as great as it was, when we got home i was feeling really lethargic from all that cheese and fat so i wanted to make something fast and healthy for dinner.

one of my favorite new go-to meals when i am wanting something that is yummy and totally customizable is what i call the RAW VEGAN MIXIE.

this creation first saw the light of day when one day i was terribly hungry and had only a few ingredients to use for dinner. i started looking through the refrigerator and pantry and decided that i would put my food processor to the test. i used some greens (since they are healthy), some nuts (they are always great for making vegan dishes more “meaty”), carrots (to add some moisture and beta carotene), olive oil (to bind everything together), spices and some salt and pepper. it was so yummy and i had enough for two meals! the best part about this recipe is that you can make it with so many things and eat it in so many different ways!

THE VEGAN RAW MIXIE:  (vegan and gluten-free)

* 1 cup of greens (you can use spinach, kale, lettuce, arugula or whatever green you fancy)

* 1 cup of nuts (i usually use walnuts but you can use almonds, cashews, peanuts or sunflower/pumpkin seeds if nuts are too pricey)

* 1 cup of carrots (i put these in since they have a lot of moisture and crunch but if you don’t like carrots you could add celery instead or bell peppers)

* a few sundried tomatoes (these add oil and general tastiness)

* a pinch of whatever spices you choose (i like to add garam masala, curry and turmeric but you can mix and match your favorite spices and herbs!)

* a splash of olive oil (or sunflower/safflower oil) to get things moving in the machine

* salt and pepper to taste

1. toss all of the ingredients into a food processor (or strong blender) and pulse until mixed. depending on the strength of your machine, your mixie will be between the consistency of a cole slaw and a pate. don’t worry, either way it will be tasty!

2. at this point, you can either eat it as is (with some chips or baked pita triangles) or you can wrap it up. i usually wrap it in these amazing local chipotle tortillas but you can also wrap this in lettuce, collard greens, nori or stuff it in a pita) so many options!

as you can see, this recipe is very versatile and can be made just about anyway you want. it is easy and quick to make, tastes good and is good for you!

(just a note: ayurveda traditionally discourages a raw food lifestyle since it is believed that the healing properties of foods are enhanced through cooking but i have no problem promoting some vibrant, live food from time to time!)