What I Ate Wednesday #2!

Hey there friends!

It is time for another…


For breakfast I had a delicious jar of Vegan Chai Overnight Steel-Cuts Oats! This newest creation of mine will be posted tomorrow!


For lunch I had a quick version of a “patty” made with kidney beans, oats, olive oil + spices with a side of padron peppers. Honestly, the patties weren’t that great and the peppers were too spicy (and not as tasty as the other peppers I have been getting from the market) so I am going pass on sharing this recipe…


My afternoon treat (after a long day of studying) was a white tea latte. The tea latte at our neighborhood coffee shop have become my favorite drink: no sweetener added, no caffeine and so many yummy flavors of herbal, white + red tea to use! Now if they weren’t so expensive…


When I came home, I wanted something quick + easy for dinner and also needed to get rid of some extra zucchini. I made a curried lentil + zucchini dish with some lentils to spare for tomorrow’s lunch!


What did you eat today?

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