What I Ate Wednesday: Chicago Edition!

Hey there,

So here we are, finally back in California. Totally exhausted and we came home to…guess what? MORE FLEA PROBLEMS. Yeah. We are on the verge of a meltdown.

So to lighten the mood of sad craziness around here, I thought I would post some of the delicious (+vegan) meals I had in Chicago…


I stopped by one of my old hangouts Pick Me Up Cafe and had a tofu scramble with salsa + a cinnamon bagel with vegan butter. I used to ride my bike to this place in the wee hours of the morning (open 24 hours on the weekends!) and so it was nice to go again.


I went downtown to Water Tower Place to go shopping with family and they wanted to eat at Foodlife, an upscale food court that has tons of food. Although there weren’t many vegan options, I found a vegetable and tofu stir fry and added as many veggies as I could! Not pictured: an amazing carrot, ginger, kale + apple juice. Yum.


One of my favorite vegetarian restaurants in Chicago is Victory’s Banner, a spot run by devotees of Sri Chimnoy. I had been waiting for a bowl of their uppama, a South Indian breakfast special. Add some coconut chutney + coconut yogurt and deliciousness is served!


And a trip to Chicago wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the vegan spot of all vegan spots, Chicago Diner! Although I am not the biggest fan of diner food (and of the meat substitutes that come along with it), there are some dishes I love at this place and the soul bowl is one of them. Black beans, sweet potato puree, avocado, quinoa, tofu scramble, flashed greens + an incredible chimichurri sauce.


I was so happy to have eaten so well on our trip. Some culinary delights not pictured: a raw pomegranate + cacao truffle, an oat, hemp, maca, banana + almond milk smoothie, some great homebrewed raspberry kombucha + last but not least, the yummy vegan pizza that my sister-in-law so considerately provided for me to snack on at the wedding 🙂



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