What I Ate Wednesday!

Hi there friends,

Things are finally getting back to normal. I haven’t quite figured out the lighting in my house so please bear with the photo quality until I can move things around this weekend. I haven’t done a WIAW post in a while so here goes…

I started the morning off right with some pumpkin chia pudding from Choosing Raw. This is one of my breakfast regulars, since I can mix it up and by the time I am out of the shower, yummy breakfast awaits! I add walnuts, raw cacao powder (always fair-trade, people!) and some maca powder.

I almost always have beans n’ greens for lunch but to switch it up I made a sandwich. The lovely Raechel from the rebel grrl kitchen came up with a great chickpea and avocado recipe to which I added some garam masala (since I put it on everything) and ate it on homemade naan (recipe to follow!) DELICIOUS.

My partner and I celebrated our new home by going out to dinner. It just so happens that we are now walking distance from one of my favorite restaurants in San Francisco – Ananda Fuara! I had their incredible, homemade veggie burger with sesame herb AND lemon tahini dressing all over everything.

And a celebration wouldn’t be complete without dessert, am I right? We shared a piece of coconut cream almond cake and it was one of the most moist, amazing cakes I have ever had! I can’t handle much sugar these days so I only had a few bites but oh man, those bites were heaven.

And that’s all folks! What delicious recipes or foods have you been loving lately? I would love to know 🙂

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