Motivational Mondays!

Hi there friends!

How was your weekend? Mine was oh so FUN! And honestly, with all the work, school and other stuff that has been going on, fun with a capital F has been pretty much nonexistent.

So this weekend, my dear friend took me out to our old stomping grounds in the Mission (we lived there at the same time and never knew each other!) We had yummy Sengalese food and drinks and danced to West African music. We went to a club with streamers on the ceiling and danced some serious cumbia, merengue and dancehall. We sang reggaeton out the windows of a stranger’s car and danced salsa in the wee morning hours at an underground bar filled with community, feeling so happy to only hear spanish in a neighborhood that has been overrun with gentrification. We laughed and felt young, sensed the possibility that flowed through our bodies and truly celebrated being alive.

WOW! Feeling happiness can be pretty intense, huh? And now onto the goodies of the web:

This sparkling sweet tea cocktail from Snippet and Ink is perfect for the summer, no?

I LOVE this DIY project from A Beautiful Mess, especially for us tea drinkers!

I don’t remember how I found this show but Shootin the Spiritual Sh*t is awesome! Two gals talk about all things spiritual with great honesty and humor. This episode with Brooks Palmer (author of Clutter Busting) is really helpful for some deep clean time.

And yesterday officially started Mercury retrograde! But before you start freaking out about your computer crashing and your relationship burning to a crisp, read this article on how to survive from The Tarot Lady.

And I will leave you with this little video on how to change habits from Charles Duhigg:

[beautiful photo of Mexico by Jamie of A Desert Fete]


Motivational Monday!

Happy Monday readers!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend. I had a good one, the highlight being a women’s reproductive health intensive with the incredible Dr. Sarita Shrestha. She was the first female Ayurvedic physician in her native Nepal and is one of the most brilliant, intuitive and beautiful people I have ever met. I’ll tell you, a weekend of being with her and I am feeling oh so excited to start having some babies! Ok, not quite yet but reproductive and post-partum health is definitely my passion.

Here are some awesome goodies from the web:

These agua frescas from A Beautiful Mess look super delicious and perfect for summer, especially that cantaloupe and thyme recipe!

Charlie Glickman wrote a lovely piece on thanking your partner. I am definitely trying to remember to do this more often as everyone wants to feel appreciated and loved, right?

The brilliant Katie over at Chocolate Covered Katie created these homemade (and healthier) chocolate crunch bars and oh wow, do they look amazing!

DIY Natural posted a simple recipe for homemade windshield washing fluid, which is awesome since store-bought fluids are highly toxic and gross.

And I will leave you with a beautiful quote from Chickasaw author Linda Hogan:

“Walking, I am listening to a deeper way.

Suddenly all my ancestors are behind me.

Be still, they say. Watch and listen.

You are the result of the love of thousands.”

[magical illustration from Cribas]

Motivational Monday!

Hello and happy Monday readers!

How was your weekend? This past week has been a whirlwind of emotion, excitement and deep discovery. My work conference was fantastic. We spent time healing, learning, crying, laughing and LOTS of dancing! Being in the sunny L.A. area definitely didn’t hurt either 🙂

I was then at my intensive for school this past weekend which was wonderful. We were trained in Ayurvedic nutrition and oh wow, there is still so much to learn!

Luckily, I have today off so I am just relaxing, catching up on emails, processing everything that I have learned and counting my blessings.

Onto the web treasury!

These honey ginger and peach chocolate fudge bars from Nouveau Raw look SO AMAZING.

Bay Area Bites posted the recipe to the beloved lavender mojito from The Girl and The Fig’s menu. What a perfect summer drink! Now, if you are a teetotaler like myself, substitute the rum with more club soda and you are ready to go.

This raw pecan porridge from Vixi is super delicious and perfect for pacifying pitta during these hot months.

This matcha watermelon shake from Healthy Happy Life is another great way to cool off this season. How yummy!

And I will leave you with a quote from Ram Dass:

“I would like my life to be a statement of love and compassion – and where it isn’t, that is where my work lies.”

Have a wonderful week!

[incredible mixed media from Rebecca Artemisa]

Motivational Monday!

Hello there friends!

Summer is finally here and it feels so AMAZING. We had such a lovely weekend, spending time admiring a beautiful exhibit at the SFMOMA, finding a new favorite neighborhood cafe and hiking a few miles in a breathtaking forest preserve by the beach! I’ll tell you, the past few days were the kind where you think that everything really is going to be okay 🙂

Virtual goodness is here!

Marc and Angel wrote a great post about ways to center your life around love and happiness. My favorite? “Stop waiting for the perfect moment”. Oh yeah, I really need to practice that more often…

It has been really hot here and with my Pitta being extra aggravated on top of that, I am in some serious need for some ice cream. This roasted banana coconut ice cream from Elana’s Pantry (a new blog favorite!) looks so delicious. Now if only I could acquire an ice cream maker…

Emily Jane White is a songstress from California and you can stream her new album this week HERE. If you like Wye Oak, you will probably dig this lady.

And for another Pitta-reducing, perfect for summer treat, this vanilla strawberry pudding from Choosing Raw hits the spot! It just might be my breakfast treat this weekend.

And I will leave you with a great video for activating and balancing your chakras. Enjoy 🙂

[beautiful collage by Valerie Roybal]

Motivational Monday!

[incredible photo from Abel Uribe of the recent protests against NATO in chicago. YES!]

Happy beginning of the week, friends! Hope you had a fantastic weekend. We were working on Saturday but yesterday we had a lovely time. We went on a (free!) walking tour of the Victorian architecture in Pacific Heights, finally had the chai from Baker and Banker (amazing!) and read outside in the sun in Japantown. All in all, not too bad 🙂

Here are some virtual gems that have caught my fancy:

I just came down with a cold, so I was so happy to find this video from a fellow vegan woman of color blogger over at Sista Vegan! Breeze has some great tips for getting over a cold the healthy and vegan way.

Have you seen the latest edition of TIME magazine? It has definitely caused a stir in the parenting (and non-parenting) communities. While there are tons of issues to discuss (what does “mom enough” even mean? where do genderqueer, trans* and other moms fit in this discussion?), this article shares more about the stigma toward breastfeeding and why it hurts us all.
While I have never had beef stroganoff (“real” or veganized), I really appreciate it when folks make vegan versions of comfort food classics. My partner loves this stuff, and when he stopped eating meat (as much, as he still has a burger from time to time), he started searching for vegetarian ways to have old favorites. I guess I know what I will be surprising him with this week – this vegan b-strog (as I like to call it) recipe from Vegan Miss!
This video talks about the dangers (and benefits) of soy. Dr. Douillard is an Ayurvedic physician and has some interesting insights on the good ol’ soy debate.
And I will leave you with something sweet for your week: raw cacao chia squares from Live Healthy Simply! These are easy to make and look delicious.
Have a good one!

Motivational Monday!

Happy beginning of the week to you! So here we are, almost May (hasn’t 2012 gone by in the blink of an eye already?) We are almost at the halfway point…

Here is what has caught my attention lately…

This two-part mix from How to Make a Baby Elephant Float has been playing non-stop around here. Also, her blog is one of the most beautiful I follow.

I have been wanting to get back into snacking into some popcorn – but now in a healthier way. This cinnamon chili coconut oil popcorn recipe from Kathy over at Babble will definitely do the trick!

As someone with chronic pain, I am really excited to order this beautiful and insightful zine. “When Language Runs Dry” is an awesome resource for folks with chronic pain and their allies. You should definitely check it out.

Spring is here! And this summer squash risotto with fresh garlic, green peas and basil from Vegenista is a great dish to help us celebrate the end of the winter blahs.

A post over at Last Real Indians discusses treating seasonal allergies with Native wisdom. Yes!

Have a great week folks!

[beautiful photo from Tlemecen, Algeria from foto_morgana ]

Motivational Monday!

Happy Monday readers! Hope you are having a great start to the week. Now onto the goodies!

I know that is a picture of a kitty above, but these dog treats from Elephantine are super cute. Pups need all-natural cookies too!

California Watch wrote a great article about a tribal clinic using native foods to fight diabetes. Another step in the direction towards food sovereignty and decolonizing our plate!

This vegan version of a thai green curry from Kathy Freston’s new book looks incredible.

Yoga Journal featured six destination ashrams here in the U.S. – including my school!

And I will leave you with some deliciousness from Manifest Vegan…cherry lime kañiwa muffins! This baby-quinoa grain is packed with nutritents…and super cute 🙂

[adorable sophisticat by nan lawson]

Motivational Monday…on a Tuesday!

Hello there friends!

Sorry for the belated post but this past weekend packed a punch. I attended the yoga and ayurveda intensive for my program and boy was it tough. Not only were we in constant yoga practice, we learned some hard-core stuff…like therapeutic vomiting!

Now that I have gotten your attention, here are some virtual goodstuffs:

I made this kale pesto from Love and Lemons for dinner tonight and it was delicious! Pair it with some quinoa or brown rice pasta and you have a wonderful gluten-free and vegan meal.

A little while back, Vegansaurus posted instructions on how to steam tempeh. It is an easy process and it will get rid of that bitter taste that tempeh usually has.

Kelsey Oseid has created a beautiful series of drawings. Each represents a state and its official bird. Love!

I cannot wait to watch this film at the San Francisco International Film Festival this week. Bitter Seeds is a documentary about the role of Monsanto, capitalism and neo-imperialism in the devastating suicides of India’s farmers.

That’s all folks! Take care 🙂

[breathtaking photo by Tim Pascoe]

Motivational Mondays! (a little late…)

Hello friends! Hope your week is off to a great start. Today is my day off, so I have been getting things done (including listening to a lecture on “getting things done”) and finally getting around to planting seeds for some inside germination! I cannot wait to watch these little babies grow and then transplant them to the big outdoors.

Here is what has caught my eye lately:

My New Roots (one of my favorite food blogs) posted these amazing quinoa sushi rolls with a great (and super simple) way to make pickled ginger without all the refined sugar!

The DIY floral projects over at Design Sponge are simply adorable and make me want to deck my house with flowers. Now, if only my kitty didn’t eat them all day…

Vegansaurus wrote about the lack of transparency with where Clif bars source their chocolate and how that is very likely related to the slavery-produced chocolate that is so prevalent in our grocery goods. Check it out and read more about why fair-trade products (especially chocolate) are so important.

Even though these raw chocolate coconut, ginger and goji fudge bites aren’t quite for this season (and I know I will probably get reprimanded by the queen of seasonal treats Rebel Grrl Kitchen), these were too cute not to post! The Alkaline Sisters always have such great recipes and beautiful photography.

I try not to post many recipes from Oh She Glows, since I know that almost all of my readers are in love with Angela as much as I am. But this time, I couldn’t resist posting these amazing peanut butter cups! As someone who really misses Reese’s, these are a godsend.

[image of new york by sandra juto]

Motivational Monday!

Hello and happy Monday! It stopped raining around these part long enough to see some sun and study outside today so I am happy…

Here are some goodies from the virtual world:

The Spring issue of Chickpea magazine is available! Check it out here and enjoy all the amazing recipes and beautiful layouts.

These samoa-inspired cupcakes from Fork and Beans are vegan, gluten-free and look absolutely delicious!

Kathy from Healthy Happy Life wrote about how to stay healthy while working/eating at home. Since I have been working and studying a lot at home lately, I found this super helpful.

Hipster Food posted this simple Springtime bow-tie pesto pasta dish. It would be perfect for a lunch by the bay.

This article by Organic Gardening is about simple herbal cures you can grow and use at home. Check out what you can use basil for…

And that’s it folks!

[inspiring poster from Charlotte Trounce]