Motivational Monday!

Hello and happy Monday! It stopped raining around these part long enough to see some sun and study outside today so I am happy…

Here are some goodies from the virtual world:

The Spring issue of Chickpea magazine is available! Check it out here and enjoy all the amazing recipes and beautiful layouts.

These samoa-inspired cupcakes from Fork and Beans are vegan, gluten-free and look absolutely delicious!

Kathy from Healthy Happy Life wrote about how to stay healthy while working/eating at home. Since I have been working and studying a lot at home lately, I found this super helpful.

Hipster Food posted this simple Springtime bow-tie pesto pasta dish. It would be perfect for a lunch by the bay.

This article by Organic Gardening is about simple herbal cures you can grow and use at home. Check out what you can use basil for…

And that’s it folks!

[inspiring poster from Charlotte Trounce]



Hey there folks!

Well I usually post a list of fantastical things from the web on Mondays but yesterday was a TOTAL bust. Let’s just say that I had somewhat of a meltdown revolving around the fact that we have no money right now (and I am about to start medical school…) It was a bad time, ending in a bingefest at our local favorite veg*n diner. What sounded like a great idea (milkshakes! veggie burgers and crispy fries!) just ended up making me feel worse 😦

Since we are all human and make mistakes, I recorded a video about nutritional mishaps and how to deal with the aftermath. My internet is too slow right now for me to post it but hopefully I can get it up and running tomorrow…

In the meantime, enjoy some of the fun things I have found in the virtual world:

Need some inspiration to take your practice to the next level? Check out these extreme yoga poses!

Living Holistically wrote an article about the dangers of diet soda (and this time, it includes weight gain…eep).

These charred corn tacos from Smitten Kitchen look perfect for summer (and could easily be veganized by substituting avocado for the cheese). And if you aren’t a fan of charring the corn yourself, Trader Joe’s has some frozen charred corn kernels on sale right now!

Gabby B (of Spirit Junkie fame) has some great videos, including this one about how to accept+release emotions.

And for my naughtier readers, these chocolate espresso cupcakes from vegansaurus look pretty amazing.

And that’s what I got for ya this week. Have a great one!