Motivational Monday…on a Tuesday!

Hello there friends!

Sorry for the belated post but this past weekend packed a punch. I attended the yoga and ayurveda intensive for my program and boy was it tough. Not only were we in constant yoga practice, we learned some hard-core stuff…like therapeutic vomiting!

Now that I have gotten your attention, here are some virtual goodstuffs:

I made this kale pesto from Love and Lemons for dinner tonight and it was delicious! Pair it with some quinoa or brown rice pasta and you have a wonderful gluten-free and vegan meal.

A little while back, Vegansaurus posted instructions on how to steam tempeh. It is an easy process and it will get rid of that bitter taste that tempeh usually has.

Kelsey Oseid has created a beautiful series of drawings. Each represents a state and its official bird. Love!

I cannot wait to watch this film at the San Francisco International Film Festival this week. Bitter Seeds is a documentary about the role of Monsanto, capitalism and neo-imperialism in the devastating suicides of India’s farmers.

That’s all folks! Take care 🙂

[breathtaking photo by Tim Pascoe]


A Labor Day Motivational Revue!

Hello there lovely readers,

I hope you enjoyed your weekend (and really hope you didn’t have to work today!) Labor day is a time to remember the importance of unions in our country. And not just as some antiquated, abstract idea but as a democratically functioning workplace that can pave the way for more worker’s rights and eventually…the self-emancipation of the working class! YAY!

Anyway, here are some highlights from our weekend:


because after days of hot weather, a foggy day can feel quite relaxing –


– because if i get to have dessert, it better be a raw vegan berry cheesecake with a date + walnut crust! –


– because the campus we explore on our neighborhood walks is quite impressive –


– because sometimes you need to stuff yourself with an unhealthy meal (vegan taquitos, anyone?) to remember why you hate eating junky foods –

– because i love frida. and art cars. (the quote: “i am not sick. i am broken. but i am happy as long as i can paint.”) –


And since I am running a day late…onto the virtual land of fantastic-ness!


Another gem from The Sensitive Pantry…raw + vegan rustic Nutella! I cannot wait to make this recipe for my husband, who loves all things sweet but is trying to be more veganish 🙂


I forgot to post this mix from Mountains and Glass from last month but better late than never, right?


This short dance video seriously made my day. If you are feeling down, give this little exercise a chance and I promise you that 8 minutes later, you will be filled with laughter + joy.


The Wellness Warrior strikes again! This time with a pesto recipe that is bumped up in nutrition and vegan too!


And I will leave you with a wonderful forgiveness meditation from Yogamint. Because we all are holding a grudge toward someone in our life, aren’t we?


That’s all folks! Have a wonderful week!