Motivational Monday – A Little Late!

Hello friends,

Yesterday was spent at home, curled under blankets, sipping tea, resting, doing spiritual work and watching the season premiere of Downton Abbey (those clothes! those hairdos! those bourgeois young women!) I was too busy doing “nothing” so here are the goodies from the web I have collected for you:

Cafe Fernando promises that this 2-ingedient chocolate mousse not only is the best you have ever tasted, but that it only takes five minutes to make! I will definitely be giving this a try…

Leo over at Zen Habits wrote about living life as a conscious practice.

This roasted winter vegetable and citrus salad over at Bliss is a perfect dinner for this time of year.

I have been thinking a lot about oral health lately (especially since my tooth has been hurting – eep) and this article from The Wellness Warrior makes some great connections in regards to oral health and your overall health.

I have been getting tired of my usual breakfasts lately, so this strawberry and ginger chia pudding from Choosing Raw just might get me out of my rut!

Have a wonderful day 🙂

[beautiful winter photo from August Empress]


motivational mondays!

happy monday friends,

hope the beginning to your week has been filled with great things. today, i got back into a (long lost) groove with the first yoga class i have taken in quite a while. it turned out that instead of shyly hiding in the back of a crowded studio (because everyone hates that feeling of being rusty at something you were once pretty good at), i was the ONLY student in the class. seriously, it took all i had not to feign a stomachache and run back home but i am really glad i stayed and being the only one there was actually quite fantastic. plus, the teacher was awesome and wants me to help organize the studio’s queer yoga classes. huzzah!

there was so much wonderfulness in the virtual world this past week, i could hardly contain myself. don’t worry, i will keep my selection short + sweet:

this spicy spinach + chickpea soup from they draw and cook looks awesome, i think i will make it this week.

leo from zen habits wrote some thoughtful reflections on what he and his family (of wife and six kids!) have learned by being car-less and taking public transit everywhere.

the folks over at tiger in a jar made the most beautiful baking video i have ever seen! don’t you want to make this beet cake now?

vegan beauty review (a great resource for all kinds of cruelty-free goodies) featured a guest post on the ultimate vegan lip balm recipe. i have been running out of the last lip balm i made and this looks like a great new recipe to try!

my husband and i have a three-day weekend coming up and this is definitely going to be a part of it (vegan mud pie, be still my heart!)

and i will leave you with a lovely song by dirty beaches…

have a great week!

[haunting tintype from joni sternbach]