the weekend revue!

happy sunday everyone!

i hope your weekend was filled with all tons of great stuff. ours was pretty awesome, since every other week we have a three-day weekend off together (which is the only thing that gets us through the six-day work weeks. woof.) we were able to have a relaxing time while also being productive. yay!

things that made our weekend lovely:


[because finding blessings for my letter on the mailbox chute was such a thoughful surprise]


[because rocking out to a “punk” band called harry and the potters AT THE LIBRARY with a bunch of high schoolers was actually pretty fun]


[because microcosmic geometry can be so unreal]


[because harm reduction can be vibrant, positive and beautiful]


[because every time the city erases this artist’s work, they return to create something even more magical]


have a great week!

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