motivational mondays!

hello there…

so today was a major health fail for me. i got stuck doing some serious grocery shopping in 90 degree weather (without any mode of transportation while wearing a long-sleeved sweater) which led to a looong journey to and from the store and complete exhaustion. when i finally got back home, instead of drinking tons of water and munching on a healthy snack to get me reenergized guess what i did? i plopped on the couch, ate a pretzel baguette+a vegan caramel and went into a sugar coma.

oh but that’s not all…

my husband came home after a bad day at work and so we treated ourselves to some dessert. as in, a big cup of ice cream with brownie bits and all other kinds of sickingly sweet toppings. the down side to living in a vegan paradise such as berkeley (wait, there’s a downside?) is that you have serious temptation to eat crappy foods everywhere you go.

so you can imagine that today i don’t feel so great. in fact, i can hardly stay awake while writing this so please, take my advice: when exhausted and dehydrated, don’t go on a sugar binge!

ok, enough about me. here is some virtual inspiration for your week:


this june mix over at poppy+leo put me in a great housecleaning mood. oh givers, be still my heart!


the amazing leslie over at crunchy betty brought the issue of xylitol to my attention this week. i have always been skeptical (any product that is processed with chemicals surely cannot be as “natural” as they claim) but she really set the record straight.


this salad with carrot ginger dressing looks great and i can’t wait to try these mochi croutons! what a clever way of sharing the salad-topper love gluten free style! the couple eats is an awesome blog by a vegan wife married to a meat-loving man, trying to keep the peace at their kitchen table.


the folks over at renegade health wrote a great list of seven things you can do right NOW to help your health. i personally love to do the tai-chi twist whenever i am feeling down.



and forget everything i said earlier, i would totally eat one of these vegan chocolate donuts if i had the chance 🙂 also, extra points to it ain’t meat babe for having the cutest vegan blog title.


ok, that’s all folks. sleep tight and have a great week!

[polaroid by patrick nagatani]

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