Huzzah to Me!

Hello there readers!

It has been quite the past week or two. Between studying so hard everyday that I couldn’t sleep, to some serious personal changes going on, to a serious work shift, I have just been hanging on by a thread. But the good news is that I have graduated my program!!!

our graduating class, with me looking super cheesy front + center

The weekend was so wonderful, filled with journeying, hiking, meditating and of course final test taking. After our projects and exams, we got to learn more Ayurvedic cooking recipes and tips from the wonderful Dr. Jay Apte, who filled the classroom with incredible aromas and lots of laughter.

meditating behind a waterfall cave

my sister from another mister and i on an afternoon hike

my dear hearts, so happy to have them on my journey

Wow, what a year! This experience has been so earth-shatteringly, mind-blowingly, rock-my-world-y transformative and I am so happy and joyful that I was led to this path.

Hopefully I will discuss more about what I have been learning and what it means for my future soon, but until then, I just wanted to share my gratitude 🙂

“We attend in silence and in joy. 
This is the day when healing comes to us. 
This is the day when separation ends, 
and we remember Who we really are.”

-A Course in Miracles




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