Ramadan Mubarak!

Hi there friends,

Things have been super quiet around here, no? Life right now is kinda overwhelming, to say the least. This weekend is the end of the first part of my program (!) and so there have been days this week where I was too busy to even eat lunch (how un-Ayurvedic of me! I swear I just forgot!)

Today is also the first day of Ramadan and so I would love to shout out a “Ramadan Mubarak” to my Muslim (and non-Muslim) readers! May this month bring you love, transformation and deep connection with the Divine.

And just a friendly reminder, please make sure that you aren’t buying Israeli dates when you stock up for this month (or any other time). Dates that are labeled from Israel, Jordan Valley or the West Bank are from illegal Israeli settlements that are making a profit on occupied land, while abusing their Palestinian workers. The total income from Israel’s date business is almost $100 million a year, so let’s not support human rights abuses, occupation and murder, yeah?

Ok, I am done with my annual Ramadan date rant and would love to wish everyone the most amazing weekend. I will be studying my eyeballs out today and tomorrow I leave for the mountain at 6am!

[beautiful picture of the call to prayer from Albert Moldvay]




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