Motivational Mondays!

Hi there friends!

How was your weekend? Mine was oh so FUN! And honestly, with all the work, school and other stuff that has been going on, fun with a capital F has been pretty much nonexistent.

So this weekend, my dear friend took me out to our old stomping grounds in the Mission (we lived there at the same time and never knew each other!) We had yummy Sengalese food and drinks and danced to West African music. We went to a club with streamers on the ceiling and danced some serious cumbia, merengue and dancehall. We sang reggaeton out the windows of a stranger’s car and danced salsa in the wee morning hours at an underground bar filled with community, feeling so happy to only hear spanish in a neighborhood that has been overrun with gentrification. We laughed and felt young, sensed the possibility that flowed through our bodies and truly celebrated being alive.

WOW! Feeling happiness can be pretty intense, huh? And now onto the goodies of the web:

This sparkling sweet tea cocktail from Snippet and Ink is perfect for the summer, no?

I LOVE this DIY project from A Beautiful Mess, especially for us tea drinkers!

I don’t remember how I found this show but Shootin the Spiritual Sh*t is awesome! Two gals talk about all things spiritual with great honesty and humor. This episode with Brooks Palmer (author of Clutter Busting) is really helpful for some deep clean time.

And yesterday officially started Mercury retrograde! But before you start freaking out about your computer crashing and your relationship burning to a crisp, read this article on how to survive from The Tarot Lady.

And I will leave you with this little video on how to change habits from Charles Duhigg:

[beautiful photo of Mexico by Jamie of A Desert Fete]

2 thoughts on “Motivational Mondays!

  1. Your weekend sounds so magical! Yeah!

    Thanks for the link to the Mercury in Retrograde stuff. I was actually wanting to ask you about the relationship (if any) between astrology and ayurveda. Does the earth/fire/air thing have any correlation? Are people with certain doshas born during a particular time? Etc.!

    • So sorry I just saw this, friend. This week has been a mess! And yes, Ayurveda actually has very strong connections with another kind of ancient science called “Jyotish”, now sometimes known as “Vedic Astrology”. It is different than Western Astrology and is very similar to the kind of Astrology that I grew up with. It is SUPER interesting, with more emphasis on the moon and the and the constellations. There are definitely connections between the celestial world and our bodies/minds/souls, since everything in Ayurveda is about us being a microcosm of the macrocosm of the universe! Wow!

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