A Celebration…

Hello! Thank you so much for the emails and happy wishes for my birthday. I really appreciated it and it added even more joy to my day!

Just a few highlights of my birthday time:

I saw this sign on the way to breakfast and thought it was a great way to start the day. We went to the famous Tartine Bakery and pretended we were in France for the morning (minus the Islamophobia please!) and guess what? Out of the blue, a wonderful man sitting next to us told us about how tasty the morning bun was. I guess it is their go-to item and before he left, he brought one over to our table to enjoy! He didn’t even know it was my birthday…pretty magical, huh?

We spent a beautiful morning at the Japanese Tea Garden in Golden Gate Park! So relaxing and peaceful, walking over stone bridges, watching the koi in the ponds and smelling the flowers.

Our tea garden time included a delicious jasmine tea and rice soup, with seaweed, crunchy and fermented fixins. Outside while looking at the garden and watching the butterflies.

My highlight of the day was soaking in the sacred energy of the redwoods. So much good medicine from our elders.

And what birthday would be complete without some treats? I had been wanting to check out the adorable ice cream bar that opened here recently and oh boy, was it fantastic. Old fashioned soda jerks, homemade tinctures (!) and complex drinks. Kinda like our version of a celebratory cocktail 🙂

And that was our day! It was a simple but super special day that made me really happy to live in San Francisco and to be here on this planet. And what more can you ask for from your birthday?

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