The (Late) Weekend Revue!

Hi and happy Monday!

Ok, so Mondays aren’t usually the best of times so I thought I might do a little weekend revue and see how your week was…

finding little flowers that look like artichokes

celebrating our kitty’s 4th birthday (!) with taking many glamour shots of her

enjoying the lights in japantown

reading “women who run with the wolves” by the ocean in sausalito

seeing jai uttal at the fillmore jazz festival with my lovely friends


babysitting our little niece and playing ukelele with her ★ enjoying cold chamomile infusions before bed ★ spending time walking around little mountain towns ★ dancing outdoors with strangers to kirtan and smiling BIG ★ watching our kitty get so excited about her new scratching pad ★ spending time observing a master practitioner and being in awe ★ coconut almond cake and yogi tea ★ starting to read “mockingjay” to my partner ★

How was your week?

3 thoughts on “The (Late) Weekend Revue!

  1. even your words, on the flat, lifeless computer screen, jump out and fill my heart with joy. your moments sound simply enchanting. ❤

    also: I JUST FINISHED MOCKINGJAY THIS WEEKEND AND OMG!!!!!!!!!! it is the best of the three, by far. it gets really dark and intense, and i cried at least twice. we'll have to compare notes; my partner and i had a very different read of it, politically, so i can't wait to see what you and yours think!

  2. aww thanks friend 🙂 and yes, we will have to discuss! it is SO intense, and sometimes i start skipping to the next page to see what is going to happen and my husband is like “uhhh, why did you stop reading?” hehe.

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