Motivational Monday!

Hello there friends!

Summer is finally here and it feels so AMAZING. We had such a lovely weekend, spending time admiring a beautiful exhibit at the SFMOMA, finding a new favorite neighborhood cafe and hiking a few miles in a breathtaking forest preserve by the beach! I’ll tell you, the past few days were the kind where you think that everything really is going to be okay 🙂

Virtual goodness is here!

Marc and Angel wrote a great post about ways to center your life around love and happiness. My favorite? “Stop waiting for the perfect moment”. Oh yeah, I really need to practice that more often…

It has been really hot here and with my Pitta being extra aggravated on top of that, I am in some serious need for some ice cream. This roasted banana coconut ice cream from Elana’s Pantry (a new blog favorite!) looks so delicious. Now if only I could acquire an ice cream maker…

Emily Jane White is a songstress from California and you can stream her new album this week HERE. If you like Wye Oak, you will probably dig this lady.

And for another Pitta-reducing, perfect for summer treat, this vanilla strawberry pudding from Choosing Raw hits the spot! It just might be my breakfast treat this weekend.

And I will leave you with a great video for activating and balancing your chakras. Enjoy 🙂

[beautiful collage by Valerie Roybal]

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