Motivational Monday!

[incredible photo from Abel Uribe of the recent protests against NATO in chicago. YES!]

Happy beginning of the week, friends! Hope you had a fantastic weekend. We were working on Saturday but yesterday we had a lovely time. We went on a (free!) walking tour of the Victorian architecture in Pacific Heights, finally had the chai from Baker and Banker (amazing!) and read outside in the sun in Japantown. All in all, not too bad 🙂

Here are some virtual gems that have caught my fancy:

I just came down with a cold, so I was so happy to find this video from a fellow vegan woman of color blogger over at Sista Vegan! Breeze has some great tips for getting over a cold the healthy and vegan way.

Have you seen the latest edition of TIME magazine? It has definitely caused a stir in the parenting (and non-parenting) communities. While there are tons of issues to discuss (what does “mom enough” even mean? where do genderqueer, trans* and other moms fit in this discussion?), this article shares more about the stigma toward breastfeeding and why it hurts us all.
While I have never had beef stroganoff (“real” or veganized), I really appreciate it when folks make vegan versions of comfort food classics. My partner loves this stuff, and when he stopped eating meat (as much, as he still has a burger from time to time), he started searching for vegetarian ways to have old favorites. I guess I know what I will be surprising him with this week – this vegan b-strog (as I like to call it) recipe from Vegan Miss!
This video talks about the dangers (and benefits) of soy. Dr. Douillard is an Ayurvedic physician and has some interesting insights on the good ol’ soy debate.
And I will leave you with something sweet for your week: raw cacao chia squares from Live Healthy Simply! These are easy to make and look delicious.
Have a good one!

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