Time for a Trip…

Hi there readers! Hope your week has been going along swimmingly. These past few days have been a HUGE jumble of things, and things are about to get even more strange.

Tomorrow, I am heading to Albuquerque, New Mexico for an intensive weekend workshop on Ayurvedic Herbology with Dr. Vasant Lad! Herbal medicine is my passion and to be learning advanced wisdom from the incredible Dr. Lad is such a dream come true.

After that, I will be driving back my new car! (which is not new, but an old thing that hopefully will have no problems on the trip). We will be going through the Rockies, stopping by Salt Lake City to sea the salt flats and spending time in many forests and small towns along the way. It has been waaay too long since I have been on a road trip so I can’t wait! And, having a car (even if I only use it to drive down to Santa Cruz for school once a month) will be really helpful and comforting.

I have a few posts in draft status but with picking up our kitty today, packing and getting work done, I will be lucky to make it to the airport on time tomorrow. Until next week, take care and stay happy and healthy 🙂

[forest image from Walkabout Wolf]

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