Motivational Monday!

Happy beginning of the week to you! So here we are, almost May (hasn’t 2012 gone by in the blink of an eye already?) We are almost at the halfway point…

Here is what has caught my attention lately…

This two-part mix from How to Make a Baby Elephant Float has been playing non-stop around here. Also, her blog is one of the most beautiful I follow.

I have been wanting to get back into snacking into some popcorn – but now in a healthier way. This cinnamon chili coconut oil popcorn recipe from Kathy over at Babble will definitely do the trick!

As someone with chronic pain, I am really excited to order this beautiful and insightful zine. “When Language Runs Dry” is an awesome resource for folks with chronic pain and their allies. You should definitely check it out.

Spring is here! And this summer squash risotto with fresh garlic, green peas and basil from Vegenista is a great dish to help us celebrate the end of the winter blahs.

A post over at Last Real Indians discusses treating seasonal allergies with Native wisdom. Yes!

Have a great week folks!

[beautiful photo from Tlemecen, Algeria from foto_morgana ]

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