The Weekend Revue!

Greetings readers! How was your weekend? Mine was nice, too short (as always, am I right?) but filled with sunshine and good times.

Some of the weekend highlights:

an urban koi pond

a great reminder

deliciousness with never-ending condiments

music in my treats

cherry blossom parade fun with some spring chickens (at heart)

this city and its palmas never gets old

Also! new mixes from faraway friends ★ finally reading this speech from the femmes of color conference ★ cleansing my crystals in the sun ★ being attacked by my kitty hiding in a paper bag ★ getting a nice, long hair brushing by my husband ★ keeping my inbox clean and clear ★ future road trip planning ★ my partner reading Catching Fire out loud to us ★ awaiting an exciting package ★ finding an awesome all-natural lip tint ★ and remembering that sometimes, you just need to sleep it all off ★

How was your weekend friends?

2 thoughts on “The Weekend Revue!

  1. Hello dear! I discovered you on your youtube channel (i am yellow pompom) !
    And now I am delighted by your blog! Thanks for sharing! So inspiring and refreshing! You passion is contagious!

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