The Weekend Revue!

Well, the weekend is over and it went by fast! Friday was the culmination of our plumbing fiasco, which created a major stress situation (and a health hazard. ugh) but we were determined to not let it ruin our weekend…

Here were some highlights:

vegan, gluten-free chocolate cake with a chocolate covered strawberry!

made friends with a sweet feathered friend

soaking up the sun in one of our favorite parks

showing “noor” (my beloved bicycle) all around the city

feeling such gratitude for living by the ocean and in such a beautiful place in this world


grabbing free goodies at the earth day fair ❤ remembering how music really does make everything better ❤ watching “Once Upon a Time” after a two week hiatus ❤ enjoying the intense heat of a hot day ❤ watching teens dressed up as anime characters in Japantown ❤ reading health magazines with my husband in the yard ❤

Have a great week!

[incredible illustration found here]

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