Motivational Mondays! (a little late…)

Hello friends! Hope your week is off to a great start. Today is my day off, so I have been getting things done (including listening to a lecture on “getting things done”) and finally getting around to planting seeds for some inside germination! I cannot wait to watch these little babies grow and then transplant them to the big outdoors.

Here is what has caught my eye lately:

My New Roots (one of my favorite food blogs) posted these amazing quinoa sushi rolls with a great (and super simple) way to make pickled ginger without all the refined sugar!

The DIY floral projects over at Design Sponge are simply adorable and make me want to deck my house with flowers. Now, if only my kitty didn’t eat them all day…

Vegansaurus wrote about the lack of transparency with where Clif bars source their chocolate and how that is very likely related to the slavery-produced chocolate that is so prevalent in our grocery goods. Check it out and read more about why fair-trade products (especially chocolate) are so important.

Even though these raw chocolate coconut, ginger and goji fudge bites aren’t quite for this season (and I know I will probably get reprimanded by the queen of seasonal treats Rebel Grrl Kitchen), these were too cute not to post! The Alkaline Sisters always have such great recipes and beautiful photography.

I try not to post many recipes from Oh She Glows, since I know that almost all of my readers are in love with Angela as much as I am. But this time, I couldn’t resist posting these amazing peanut butter cups! As someone who really misses Reese’s, these are a godsend.

[image of new york by sandra juto]

1 thought on “Motivational Mondays! (a little late…)

  1. LOLOLOL. You know me so well! I was honestly looking at the picture, and before reading the caption, I was like “ummm….Why is there a CHRISTMAS recipe on this page in April?!” hahahaha. Still, if they had a different backdrop, it’d be easy to pass them off as a springy treat. : )

    And thanks for the Clif Bar heads up. I try to avoid those because of soy and cane juice anyway, but more reason to stay away….

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