The Weekend Revue!

Hello there friends! So this weekend was a whirlwind, packed with lots of things to do and people to see! I wasn’t able to post a weekend revue so I wanted to do it today, especially since there was much fun to be had. Don’t fret, Motivational Mondays will happen tomorrow…

magic-making, community-sharing and dancing, eyes closed in a sea of happy people ❤

little bits of fun found around and about

strange trees amidst a beautiful city hall

gluten-free vegan gingerbread pancakes with lemon curd and poached pears!

speeding through the city, with the wind in our hair and the smell of the ocean around us.

Also: getting a care package from my mama! ❤ gifting old things out to the world ❤ taking a long-awaited nap with my partner ❤ brainstorming ideas for our garden ❤ laughing at Up All Night (who would’ve thought it was actually funny?) ❤ feeling great from the cleanse ❤ finding a new herbal tea to fall in love with ❤ finalizing plans for a trip to New Mexico! ❤

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