The Weekend Revue!

Hello lovlies! Hope you have had a wonderful weekend. I have had quite a horrendous headache since Friday (which I am assuming is from the cleanse. woof) so I am definitely in need of highlighting the positive:

dreaming of an ivy-covered house someday…

finding inspiration at my feet

watching the springtime blooms

beautiful details in a seaside bathroom

mossy triceratops in the Mission

Also: hummingbirds in our back yard ☆ tamari almonds from the farmer’s market ☆ the power of intention ☆ Ayurveda dates with invitations to India (!) ☆ feeling lighter + brighter from the cleanse ☆ chipotle harissa hummus ☆ taking walks in my Vibram’s ☆ finally starting A Course in Miracles ☆ carrot, kale and young ginger juice ☆ watching Kiki’s Delivery Service with my husband on a rainy day ☆ brainstorming about the future

How was your week?

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