Motivational Mondays – Spring Equinox Edition!

Hello and happy spring equinox friends! The winter is (finally) leaving us and allowing the glorious spring to return! And although we don’t have seasons as “distinct” as other parts, it sure feels nice to know that the days are getting longer and that the energy is moving toward rebirth and transformation!

Here are some spring-related jewels for you:

Katie from Healthy Happy Life posted this beautiful spring-time salad and it looks delicious!

Radical Doula (who ROCKS!) talked about a great pregnancy and parenting guide for teens that doesn’t stigmatize teen pregnancy and also offers resources for full-spectrum reproductive care (abortion, adoption and deciding to parent). Stuff like this makes me really happy.

And if you are ready for spring but it isn’t quite warm enough, this warm broccoli and baby greens salad with lemon tahini dressing from The Rebel Grrrl Kitchen will definitely do the trick!

And if you really want to impress someone fancy-pants, this kiwiberry, kumquat and pomegranate kanten from Olives For Dinner will knock their molecular gastronomic socks off.

And I will leave you with this beautiful video which has officially given me a serious case of wanderlust!

[beautiful illustration found HERE]

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