Motivational Monday!

Happy Monday readers! Hope your start to the week has been great. This week is super stressful for me, so I am taking the advice of the adorable chap above and making tea – lots of it!

Here are some web goodies:

Leo from Zen Habits wrote about how to fight off our excuses for being unhealthy.

This recipe for aloo palak (spinach and potato curry) from Healthful Pursuit is simple and delicious! I would recommend substituting the Earth Balance for some coconut oil and voila!

Joanne from A Cup of Jo wrote beautifully about motherhood, weaning and depression.

This recipe for homemade glass cleaner from Crunchy Betty is really easy and made from totally natural ingredients! Add some essential oil (peppermint and/or eucalyptus would be fantastic) and you are set.

And I will leave you with a funky Brazilian jam from Di Melo…something to dance to!

[sweet tea-lover from Owen Davey]

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