Motivational Monday!

Happy Monday friends!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend. Things are moving (albeit quite slowly) on the moving front and we even had time to watch our beloved Downton Abbey and dine at our favorite sushi spot one last time.

Here are some gems of world wide webbery:

This chocolate galaxy banana cheesecake from Pie in the Sky looks super good!

Natural News wrote on the top four reasons to add chlorella to your diet. I haven’t taken chlorella in quite some time but I am thinking about jumping back on the bandwagon…

This raw cranberry walnut cheese from Rawmazing is not only vegan, but is perfect to bring to your next winter gathering! Also, if putting probiotics in your food ain’t your thing, subbing with apple cider vinegar works just fine.

This coconut spinach with chickpea + lemon recipe from The Kitchn looks delicious and is perfect for my detox days (without the sun dried tomatoes, please).

And I will leave you with something I have been listening to lately (you gotta mix it up, ya know?) Hildegard von Bingen’s Canticles of Ecstasy has been my relaxing-but-getting-stuff-done music and it has been great. You can even check it out on Spotify!

Stay tuned for a detox update tomorrow and have a great day!

[photo of vintage circus performer from Retronaut]

4 thoughts on “Motivational Monday!

    • Hey Susan!

      I haven’t tried the AVC subsitution with your recipe yet – although I have tried it with other nut cheese recipes in the past and didn’t notice that much of a change in the taste. I will try it soon and let you know what happens!

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