The Weekend Revue!

Hi there folks,

Oh man, it is FINALLY the weekend and I really need this time to get started on tons of stuff. Packing up our house, cleaning for the new folks coming to see the place and preparing for my detox with the doctor. We have class tomorrow to review the eating/drinking plan as well as all the other stuff and it officially starts on Sunday – I am so excited!

Here are some highlights from the week:

local mushroom hunting

spending time with all kinds of feathered friends

delicious turkish tea on a rainy day

enjoying the sights while hiking tilden national park

Also: Etta James on Spotify, getting a free box of CSA produce!, listening to the rain while sipping some ginger tea, 30 Rock marathons, getting my teeth cleaned (and with no cavities to report!), naps with my husband, cutting my own bangs (and not doing such a bad job), getting to talk about revolution + colonialism at my book club and beginning the Feast for the Winter soul project.

How was your week?


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