Motivational Mondays!

Hey there readers. Hope your week is starting off wonderfully. Yesterday was quite a bummer and although things haven’t magically changed overnight, I am trying to keep a good attitude and enjoy the little stuff today. So right now, I am drinking some vanilla rooibos tea with coconut milk, simmering some holiday spices on the stove and listening to Bon Iver (which always make me happy in a melancholy way).

Here is what I got for ya:

Still need an easy + cheap idea for holiday dinner decorations? These painted clay candle holders from Once Wed are perfect (and would look great painted a festive gold or silver!)


Hybrid Rasta Mama has an extensive post on 80 uses for coconut oil. And you thought it was just for food…


The folks at Vital Juice featured this black bean hominy chili recipe and I couldn’t think of a better time to make this, curl up on the couch + watch a movie.


Although I am not sure how likely this is to happen to you (or anyone for that matter), NPR reported on two deaths that are allegedly related to using tap water with the Neti Pot. It seems there was a rare but deadly amoeba in the water that traveled to their brains. Yikes.


And for something a little lighter, Marc and Angel wrote a great list of 30 things to start doing for yourself. What great reminders.


And I will leave you with a piece of beauty. This video highlights the wedding tradition of the Terbesh community in Kosovo. The bride is painted + decorated with hopes of warding off the evil eye.



[adorable pet portrait by Itssuko Suzuki]

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