The Weekend Revue!

Happy weekend friends!

Another week of WOOF. I have been fighting a cold since last weekend and running around to shows, museums + dates (although fun) definitely didn’t help. So I cancelled all of my plans this weekend (except for going to the East Bay Alternative Press Festival this afternoon with my partner because, well duh), and I am planning on just taking it easy.

Just to show you, even health practitioners get sick sometimes!

Here were some highlights from the week:

[snowflakes on the dome at the downtown mall]

[beautiful script found on a shutdown mosque]

[two muslims getting super excited about a giant christmas tree]

[sanjay patel’s exhibit at the asian art museum was awesome and i can’t wait to get his beautiful rendition of the ramayana]

[because here in california, christmas looks a little different]

Well that’s all folks! Hope you have a wonderful weekend. I’ll be switching off tomorrow so see ya next week 🙂

2 thoughts on “The Weekend Revue!

  1. love it! er, not the you being sick part, but the rest of it. : )

    re: the xmas tree photo; my love of christmas is–to many people’s dismay–not attached to christianity. i was raised going to christian churches on holidays, but don’t currently identify as a Christian. i feel kind of bad that i get SO EXCITED about the holidays since I explicitly don’t connect it to the “true reason for the season” (as church marquees will note). that being said, it is a WONDERFUL time of year that encourages good will and peace, and sharing and love and and and…it’s just lovely! so from an agnostic to a Muslim, i wish you a very merry christmas. ; )

    • aww thank you friend, merry christmas to you too hehe!
      and thank you for sharing…yeah, i sometimes feel like i am not “supposed” to like x-mas (and have been told numerous times by some hateful people that i have “no right” to partake in any aspect of it) but you know what? i never even heard of (the American version of) christmas until i moved here in high school + i fell in love with the sentimental feelings, season’s greetings + overall warm n’ fuzzies that came along with it! i still love the seasonal cheer, the delicious baking, the fun christmas music + spending time with loved ones! and so with that, i take great joy in us enjoying x-mas for whatever reasons make our heart happy 🙂

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