Motivational Monday!

Happy Monday, gorgeous friends!

Hope you had a great weekend. Ours was wonderful but very busy and somewhat stressful. It seems no matter how many exciting activities you have planned, you will always get worn out from all the fun! Oh well, now we are paying the price. Both my husband + I are feeling lousy and I can’t wait to take a hot, hot shower tonight, get into the thickest long underwear I have and sip ginger tea until the cows come home 🙂

Onto the world wide webbery of fun!

These sour cream + cherry muffins from Choosing Raw are vegan + gluten-free! They would be a perfect treat for cold weekend mornings.

[update: Gena from Choosing Raw so graciously reminded me that they aren’t gluten-free as listed, but easily can be by substituting the flour!]

And speaking of not feeling so well, Mind Body Green wrote about four ways to fight off infection this winter.

I have a bag of baby carrots hanging out in the fridge right now and this recipe for ginger-orange glazed carrots from Fat Free Vegan will make sure they don’t get forgotten and thrown away!

My friend co-created a zine about race, gender + bodies! It is called “Moonroot: An Exploration of Asian Womyn’s Bodies” and you can read/print it here.

And I couldn’t resist posting a guilty pleasure. Although I usually eschew both the microwave + refined sugar, this chocolate mug cake from Happy Herbivore is too cute + delicious to say no to!

I will leave you with one of my favorite Latina singers, Lila Downs (you might know her from the Frida soundtrack) singing “Paloma Negra”.

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