Motivational Monday!

Hello friends!

Hope you had a great weekend. Ours was a mix of gloomy stuff (getting caught in a rainstorm without an umbrella, our electricity being out + awful coffee) but also happy times (farmer’s market wanderings, South Indian dinners + watching Three Songs of Lenin!)

The things that have caught my eye lately:

OMG, vegan, gluten-free + refined sugar-free chocolate chili cherry cookies? With black beans? YES! These look amazing and super simple and most of all nutritious. Thanks, My New Roots!

I love reading, so going through Leo’s guide on how to read more was helpful (and will hopefully motivate me to keep trucking through Infinite Jest for my book club!)

This vegan + gluten-free no-bake sweet potato pie from Affairs of Living would be the perfect thing to bring to Thanksgiving dinner! YUM.

Matthieu Ricard made a great series of videos on happiness, meditation + mindful living. This is one on the habits of happiness.

Amber from Epic Self shared some great insights on how to now only survive the holidays but thrive during the holidays. Included are recipes for cranberry relish and raw almond stuffing!

And I will leave you with a new song from The Yellow Dress:

[photo of an amazing occupy sculpture from Joe Therrien]

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