Motivational Monday!

Happy Monday readers!

I hope you had a fantastic weekend, filled with walks outdoors and warm, hearty meals. I thoroughly enjoyed my first week of “Switch Off Sunday” and honestly, I can’t wait to do it again!

But have no fear, I got right back to work today and created a list of internet good stuff:

The raw cherry bombs from The Wellness Warrior are the bomb! Vegan and with no refined sugars, this is a recipe I will keep coming back to for the holidays.

“Spirit Junkie” Gabrielle Bernstein has some great advice about the 24-hour rule.

Yet another raw + vegan holiday recipe…spicy pumpkin cookies! Rawmazing is an incredible resource and these babies don’t disappoint.

And speaking of the holidays, Gluten-Free Goddess has a helpful guide to Thanksgiving for gluten-free folk.

Zen to Fitness posted a great article on 5 fitness tips we can learn from kids. So true!

And I will leave you with a chilly-weather song that has been on repeat around here:

[painting by…i don’t remember and can’t find the source! Took my breath away, though]

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