Motivational Monday – The Halloween Edition!

The time is upon us! Although I didn’t grow up with the Halloween experience that most folks reading this had, I still get really excited about today. I started Halloween off right with Angela’s recipe for a pumpkin gingerbread smoothie for breakfast while watching Vampyr (which is amazing + beautiful but scary and now I am officially spooked for the day). Tonight when I get home from school I am planning on making some vegan pumpkin mac + cheese (using this recipe but subbing pumpkin for the butternut squash), baking some festive treats (see below!) and watching a not-so-scary Halloween movie (any ideas? I am a wimp and can’t watch anything too scary).

Here are some fun Halloween (and Samhain for my pagan friends) goodies!

This recipe from Barefoot and Frolicking is an oldie, but I keep coming back to it every time I want some “caramel” apple fun. It takes a bit of time, but it is totally worth it. Raw, vegan + delicious!

Wow, this recipe from The Kitchn for maple butter spiced popcorn looks AMAZING. I think I will make some tonight, subbing the butter with coconut oil. Perfect for movie night!

The lovely Raechel from The Rebel Grrl Kitchen seduced my sweet tooth again! This time with a recipe for rice crispy treat pumpkins with carrot peanut butter. Yes, carrot peanut butter…I cannot wait to try this out!

And since we are already overdosing on the sweet stuff, last but not least is a yummy recipe from I Heart Wellness for Coconut Bliss nut butter cups. Like a vegan Reese’s Pieces but a thousand times better 🙂

And I will leave you with an adorable Halloween clip of Betty Boop from 1933. Enjoy!


[beautiful Samhain photo found here.]

1 thought on “Motivational Monday – The Halloween Edition!

  1. flattered again! : ) i have to admit, that the treats were the best the day of. they haven’t held up so well in the few days since i made them, and i think that has to do with the moisture in the carrots. : / let me know how they turn out for you!

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