The Weekend Revue!

Hi friends,

So although we have been dealing with not so wonderful things on the domestic front, we put on our brave faces and tried to enjoy the weekend as much as we could!

The highlights of our time off:


:a beautiful quilting exhibit showcased one of my favorite animals – snakes:


:we celebrated the changing of the seasons with a vegan salted caramel hot chocolate!:


:someone made this subway sign a whole lot better, down with imperialism!:


:this green juice (with ginger + spirulina!) got me through the stressful time we’ve had:


:we bought a groupon for a fancy tea tasting and boy, was it a perfect way to end our weekend!:


Other little pieces of joy: riding our bikes to explore a new (at least to us) neighborhood, starting to read Happiness for Two with my husband out loud, taking a self-guided architectural walking tour through North Berkeley, vegan chocolate pecan pie, finding a great probiotic to help kick my antibiotic slump + seriously laughing out loud while watching The Trip.

Hope your weekend was fantastic!






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