Motivational Monday!

Hello there friends!

It is the start of a whole new week – and a pretty awesome one at that. We only have three days of work/school and then come Thursday, we are leaving for Chicago! My brother-in-law is getting married on Friday so we will have some time to see family + friends, visit old haunts + eat lots of Chicago-y things (well, my husband will anyway).

Onto the world wide webbery!


Sayward from Bonzai Aphrodite posted the most delicious tahini raw dip. Vegan, gluten-free + amazing, it will replace your ranch cravings!


My husband + I read this article from Connection Revolution to each other and really appreciated the sound advice on how to negotiate in your relationship while keeping you (and your partner) happy!


I couldn’t help myself from posting another recipe from Oh She Glows. It is just that amazing…a pumpkin gingerbread smoothie! Perfect for this season, so run out and grab as many cans of pumpkin as humanly possible.


This simple recipe for vanilla pear fruit leather from A Dash of Compassion looks yummy + quick to make! I don’t have a dehydrator but I plan on using the oven on low – I will let you know how it works out.


Holy Cow! posted a great recipe for a “Summer’s End Pesto” which looks super nutritious + delicious! You can never have too many vegan pesto recipes…


And I will leave you with this lovely song from High Highs because being in California, there is always a little bit of summer that sticks around 🙂


Have a wonderful week!


[dreamy photo by Holly Orford, via Daydream Lily]


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