The Weekend Revue…Eww.


This past weekend was an absolute NIGHTMARE.

We have spent the entire last three days trying to get rid of the infestation of fleas that has taken over our kitty + our home. It was 12 hours a day of washing clothes (our building’s washer and our laundry cart broke this week, of course), vacuuming the hell out of our place (which has made me want to toss our vacuum out ASAP), spreading insecticide on our carpets + upholstry (which definitely goes against my crunchy sensibilities), and hoping that our kitty will both be rid of the biting creatures that are torturing her and stop trying to sleep with us (mean, i know but the fleas are literally dropping off of her and it makes me want to throw up).

Longest run-on sentence ever but that is how our weekend has been. One long, disgusting, itchy, infested run-on sentence of a weekend.

Needless to say, I have no pictures for this weekend revue. At least no pictures you would want to see.

Hope your weekend was a whole lot better than ours.


[photo from here, because anything else searchable by “flea” was horrifying]

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