Motivational Tuesday – Fall Edition!

Happy Fall readers!

I wasn’t sure if I would have time to make a motivational list this week, but with all of the wonderful autumnal stuff going on, I couldn’t resist!

Even though we are in Northern California, make no doubt about it, we do have seasons. The change between summer and fall here might be more subtle, but as I was driving through the redwoods last weekend, I definitely felt the cooler breeze, watched the leaves turning and wore a scarf the whole time! I absolutely love the seasons and their cycles, in part because of their importance in Ayurveda. The way we take care of our bodies in the heat of the summer should be much different than how we nourish ourselves in December. I hope to write an Ayurvedic guide to autumn health sometime this/next week but until then, here are some goodies to get you excited about this season!


Angela from Oh She Glows posted another great butternut squash mac + “cheese” (this one a bit healthier than her previous recipe) that looks great and is vegan + gluten-free to boot.


The great Yogamint folks made an autumn Food + Flow, this time highlighting frog’s pose and a delicious raw + vegan apple cobbler. YUM.


The lovely Raechel from The Rebel Grrl Kitchen posted a great recipe for vegan + refined sugar/oil/gluten – free pumpkin cookies and I can’t wait to make them this weekend!


And speaking of pumpkin-y goodness, this pecan pumpkin butter from Versatile Kitchen just might take the place of my usual almond/cashew butter concoction.


And last but not least, Karina from Gluten-Free Goddess has done it again! This time with a vegan + gluten-free pumpkin pie with pecan praline. It might take longer to make than a usual dessert but it will definitely be worth it!


[beautiful autumn image from Oxana]

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