A Long Weekend Revue!


Wow. Double Wow.

I had another weekend of intensive class, this time up in the redwoods and what a time it was! There was herbal wildcrafting, medicine making, redwoods hiking, surfing + community building. And even though my husband had to work last-minute (which led to me spending the night alone in a romantic cottage by the sea), I really enjoyed the time to myself to think, dream + (re)discover what fills me with the most joy.

Some of the weekend visuals:


:because getting an early start sometimes means treating yourself…to a blueberry vegan donut!:


:because the “herbie” community is always so warm, supportive + inspiring:


:because this is the most incredible classroom (be still my heart, wood furnace!):


:because alfred hitchcock’s “the birds” was filmed in the fishing village where i stayed and it was erie + magical:


:because i am the happiest when near Yemaya, the beautiful goddess of the sea:


I wasn’t able to take many pictures but it was a wonderful time and I am now even more equppied to expand my herbal medicine practice.

I was also going to post links for the motivational mondays series but I am coming down with a little cold. Two intense weekends (and long drives) with not enough sleep has left me feeling a little bit run down and so it is time to take care of myself and try to get to sleep before midnight.

Stay tuned for some Ayurveda-related posts this week once I bounce back!


[photo by olivia bee. doesn’t it make you want to ride?]

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