A (Belated) Motivational Revue!

Hello there!

So here I am, back from the best bit of inspiration I have had in a looong time. While I am currently learning lots in my school program (which consists of a pre-med intensive until January), it isn’t where my passions lie. What gets me really, truly excited is Ayurveda, herbal medicine, holistic health + wellness, healing justice and community!

And that was what my three-day weekend was all about. We went to ceremony at sunrise, ate nourishing vegan food, wildcrafted herbal medicines, soaked in as much knowledge as possible and sang under the stars. I was filled with joy each + every minute of my time up on the Santa Cruz mountains and I only wish I didn’t have to wait until January to return…

Here are some visual highlights from my journey:

:because nature creates beautiful patterns wherever you look:

:because our (solar-powered) housing had an amazing mountaintop view:

:because a dip in the lake was a perfect way to end our summer season:

:because sacred ceremony + space fills the heart with gratitude:

:because i am happiest when barefoot in a forest:

And now onto some wonders from the web!

This mix from Elephantine is lovely + quite perfect for fall.

This grilled (or roasted) kale recipe from Lovely Morning looks great + can be easily veganized by substituting the yogurt for something else (a tahini + avocado combo perhaps?)

This vegan kimchi recipe is super simple + nutritious. Gotta up your fermented foods uptake!

If you use cotton balls or pads but wish that you didn’t have to waste so much cotton (let alone worry about the pesticides + chemicals you are putting on your face) then these are for you! The organic + reusable rounds are soft and even come with a little bag – when they are dirty just toss the rounds in the bag and pop ’em in the dryer.

And I will leave you with this great vegan, soy-free, gluten-free recipe for mayo from Healthful Pursuit!

Have a great week,


[photo by Tim Barber]

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