Motivational Mondays!

Hi friends!

This week has gotten off to a wonderful start. I had my first day of school today! It was great to meet the faculty + other students (who are all already practicing health practitioners, eep!) and I can’t wait to dive head-first into my studies.

Here are a few virtual goodies:

I found a new healthy food blog to follow! Ahh! This is something that always fills me with joy and from Healthy Green Kitchen, I bring you a delicious recipe for walnut butter with dried cherries + cacao nibs! I cannot wait to make this…as I have mentioned before, I have a husband with a sweet tooth and I am always trying to find healthier versions of yummy things. The photography on HGK is absolutely beautiful and there are tons of amazing recipes like a spicy cucumber salad, a (mostly) raw vegan apricot blackberry pie and vegan + gluten-free coconut raisin scones!

Check out this dreamy September mix from Poppy and Leo.

This “mermaid salad” from Kelly Keough is delicious + nutritious!

Heidi has done it again! This time with a beautiful spin on a chimichurri.

And I will leave you with a DIY (and easily veganize-able) version of the Starbucks pumpkin latte!


[image found here]

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