Motivational Mondays!

Hey there folks,

Well, this week has started off in the most frustrating way…

Lost packages (damn you, UPS!), heel wounds (which can make walking extremely painful) + ridiculous library fees (I would much rather spend $6 on a green juice, thank you very much) have made today not so great.

So what did I do?

1. Put on some old Real Estate (the band) and flip through home magazines

2. Listen to a lecture (Enemies in Blue: Crime Cops and Capitalism) from a recent conference

3. Make these chocolate fudgy brownies (still waiting for them to cool…)


Ah, the little pleasures in life. Onward to the virtual fun!

Robin Robertson (of Planet Vegan fame) posted this delicious-looking (and easily gluten-free adaptable) recipe on One Green Planet for walnut-crusted artichoke hearts.


And you can always expect some great reflection from Cris Karr, this time about alcohol.


I love finding new blogs on healthy living (or at least new to me) and The Sensitive Pantry is my recent favorite! Vegan, gluten-free and nutritious, she has some great recipes – including this one for a red velvet smoothie (just sub agave/maple syrup for the brown sugar and you are good to go!)


Living the Nourished Life wrote a great article on the root causes of acne.


And last but not least, a story about a new kind of chef gaining popularity in Egypt post-uprising: one that actually cooks food most folks can afford!


Have a great week!

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